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Sven G. Bilen - Associate Professor of Engineering Design and Electrical Engineering, Penn State University Park

Book Title: Handbook of geophysics and the space environment, 1985

Author: Air Force Geophysics Laboratory (U.S.)

Book Description:

I have selected this handbook because it still ranks as one of the most comprehensive collections of information on the space environment, even though it was published 20 years ago. Although much of the information contained is now available via various sites on the World Wide Web--and often in data sets with visualization that could only be dreamed of when published--as a collected work, the handbook is unparalleled. It also holds special memories for me as I recall using it as a reference text when working on my Honors thesis under Professor Philbrick (Electrical Engineering) as an undergrad at Penn State. When I returned to Penn State as a new faculty member, a copy of the Handbook was given to me by Professor Philbrick, who was one of the authors during his time at the Air Force Geophysics Laboratory.


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