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Jacqueline Edmondson - Associate Professor of Education, Penn State University Park

Book Title: The Struggle to Continue: Progressive Reading Instruction in the United States

Author: Patrick Shannon

Book Description:

I read this book for the first time when I was in a master's degree program. I was a teacher, and I was trying to understand how children learned to read. I had many questions about literacy teaching and learning that were not easily answered through the psychological explanations I was hearing in my graduate classes. Struggle to Continue helped me to begin to answer my questions about children's learning, and it provided a language for what I was experiencing as a teacher in schools. This book, as any good book should, also prompted more questions for me to pursue. Struggle to Continue significantly expanded my understandings of literacy and literacy education in relation to social, historical, and curricular influences in the United States. It influences my future work in profound ways as I realize that any discussion about literacy necessarily involves discussions about society. My hope is that undergraduate and graduate students in education will carefully read this book to understand how their work is situated within broader struggles and contexts.


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