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Bonnie J. Levinthal - Associate Professor of Visual Arts, Penn State Abington

Book Title: What Remains

Author: Sally Mann

Book Description:

I discovered this book a few years ago and have been drawn to it ever since. The photographs are at times hauntingly beautiful, while at other times shockingly disturbing. Regardless of the subject matter, all of the five sequences in the book reflect MannĀ“s quiet sincerity and deep commitment to her art. The images are at once breathtaking and provocative glimpses of what we deal with daily, namely our own mortality. Sally Mann has long been an artist that I have admired not only because I find her photographs extraordinarily beautiful, but also for less apparent reasons, such as the way she embraces experimentation, takes risks with challenging subject matter and manages to seamlessly meld process and content. Finally, I chose this book because it reflects a spirit and dedication that I admire and encourage my students to pursue.


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