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Wendy Middlemiss - Associate Professor of Human Development and Family Studies, Penn State Shenango

Book Title: Handbook of Parenting, Volume 3, Being and Becoming a Parent, 2nd Edition

Author: Marc H. Bornstein, Ed.

Book Description:

My research has revolved around issues associated with parenting. Volume 3 of Dr. Bornstein's Handbook of Parenting summarizes many of the concepts that have been important in piquing my interest in these areas.

In my work, I have focused on the roles of parents' expectations and parents' beliefs and how these expectations and beliefs impact parents' behavior. I have addressed these issues both from the perspective of how parents' own backgrounds influence their behavior and how their behavior impacts their children's developmental progress. Overall my research goals have been to make available empirical information that encourages professionals to provide advice for parents that reflects parents' needs, backgrounds, and socialization goals, even if this advice should differ from positions that might be most clearly presented in the existing research literature. The work in this volume, as well as the other volumes of this Handbook and the work of Dr. Diana Baumrind, have provided an empirical basis for much of my exploration and considerable food for thought. For those reasons, I am honored to identify these volumes, particularly Volume 3, as having been essential to my research.


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