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Michael D. McNeese - Associate Professor of Information Sciences and Technology, Penn State University Park

Book Title: The IDEAL Problem Solver: A Guide for Improving Thinking, Learning, and Creativity

Author: John D. Bransford and Barry S. Stein

Book Description:

This book is one that my adviser, Dr. Bransford, completed and updated just after I completed my Ph.D. at Vanderbilt. I have selected it as it encompasses much of the thinking that goes into my thinking about thinking (guess that is what we mean by metacognition!). The book is written in a way that demonstrates problem-based learning and in turn has influenced not only my research in human-computer interaction and cognitive systems, but has imbued the way I teach my classes here at Penn State. The book connects learning with creativity in unique yet parsimonious ways. I encourage readers to take a look, see the light, and to always, always value learning.


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