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Serguei N. Lvov - Professor of Energy and Geo-Environmental Engineering, Penn State University Park

Book Title: Aqueous Systems at Elevated Temperatures and Pressures: Physical Chemistry in Water, Steam, and Hydrothermal Solutions

Author: D.A. Palmer, R. Fernandez-Prini, and A.H. Harvey

Book Description:

Water is the most ubiquitous of solvents and by virtue of its extraordinary physicochemical and transport properties it forms the medium in which diverse processes occur from biochemistry to geochemistry. Understanding the behavior of high temperature aqueous solutions represents a new frontier in a number of important research areas that is both technically challenging and technologically important. Interest in this field has significantly increased over the last decade, due mainly to the many important processes that take place in high temperature aqueous environments related to power and hydrogen generation technologies. However, due to the difficulty of performing experimental measurements at high temperatures and pressures, there is a scarcity of these studies at temperatures above 100 ÂșC. This book provides a background of the approaches currently available to study the high temperature aqueous systems, their thermodynamic and molecular properties, as well as possible applications of the observed and calculated results in a number of areas of critically important for our society technologies related to energy production.


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