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Adrian Wanner - Professor of Russian and Comparative Literature and Head, Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures, Penn State University Park

Book Title: Benedikt Livsic. Das dichterische Werk von 1908-1918 im literarischen Kontext. Eine Rekonstruktion.

Author: Ida Junker

Book Description:

The poet Benedikt Livshits (1887-1938) was a pioneer of Russian futurism who became a victim of Stalin's terror. His work has been unduly neglected both in Russia and abroad. This book is the first monograph about Livshits to appear in any country. I have been fascinated by Livshits since graduate school and have tried to rescue him from oblivion in two of my own books. In Baudelaire in Russia (1996) I discussed Livshits' unusual translations of Baudelaire's poetry, and in Russian Minimalism: From the Prose Poem to the Anti-Story (2003) I analyze his prose poem "People in a Landscape," which is an interesting attempt to create a work of verbal cubism.


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