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Chunshan Song - Professor of Fuel Science, Coordinator for Clean Fuels and Catalysis Program in the Energy Institute, and Associate Director for Hydrogen Energy Cente, Penn State University Park

Book Title: Shape-selective Catalysis :Chemicals Synthesis and Hydrocarbon Processing

Author: Chunshan Song, Juan M. Garc├ęs, and Yoshihiro Sugi

Book Description:

This book covers an area of catalytic chemical research in which I have developed an original research program at Penn State since early 1990s that have had some major impacts to the research worldwide on shape-selective conversion of polycyclic hydrocarbons. At the onset of my research in this area, I was trying to develop specialty chemicals from polycyclic hydrocarbons that are rich in coal-derived liquids. Some world-renowned scientists told me that this will never work since polycyclics will coke up the molecular sieve catalysts rapidly. Several years later, we have achieved selective conversion of naphthalene and bipheneyl as well as phenanthrene derivatives that were subsequently published widely and also attracted industrial research and development towards commercialization. The research described in this book focuses on molecular sieve catalysis for shape-selective synthesis of multi-ring organic chemicals that are useful for making value-added organic intermediates such as monomers for advanced polymer materials and high-performance engineering plastics. The book also covers some research on new concepts in catalyst design for ultra-clean fuels.


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