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Book Title: Atlas of Human Anatomy

Author: Frank H. Netter, M.D.

Book Description:

We live in an age of digital imagery and computer generated graphics. Any quick perusal of current medical literature confirms that the "art" of medical illustration has given way to the stark, overly simplified, cookie-cutter renditions of the digital age. Individualism is lost, usually along with detail, and oftentimes along with accuracy. One wonders if true artistic talent, on par with that displayed by Frank Netter on the pages of this atlas, will ever again be applied with such vigor to the biological sciences.

The paintings reproduced in this text are timeless classics. Rigorous in accuracy and detail while at the same time beautiful and easy on the eye, each plate is a masterpiece. Many of the works contained herein hold special personal meaning, they resonate in my mind when considering some particular anatomic detail and they are impulsively re-examined when confirmation of some particular structure-function relationship is required. Through his works, Dr. has Netter played a key role in my education and in my professional pursuits and he continues to inspire. If you are viewing these paintings for the first time you are in for an uncommon treat. Take some time and browse for a while, for nowhere is the beauty of the human organism more painstakingly reproduced and more beautifully illustrated. Enjoy.


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