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Vijaykrishnan Narayanan - Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, Penn State University Park

Book Title: Digital Integrated Circuits

Author: Jan M. Rabaey, Anantha Chandrakasan, and Borivoje Nikolic

Book Description:

This book introduces the fundamentals of Digital Integrated Circuits. I have had a chance to adopt the preprint version of the second edition of this book in classroom. This edition has evolved over the last few years making me feel that my teaching of the CSE 477 course has improved along with the book's revision. The material covered in the book is also of significant relevance to my core research in low power VLSI design and has been a valuable reference in formulating and solving research problems. Finally, slides that I developed along with my colleague, Prof. Mary Jane Irwin for covering material presented in this textbook is available through the book's website and adopted by other educators.


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