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Book Title: Strong and Fearless: The Quest for Select Personal Power

Author: Phil Nuernberger

Book Description:

I teach leadership development and have found this book to be an invaluable resource for such. The author has a Ph.D. in psychology from a Western university, but has also spent the greater part of his career learning the theories, and training in the methods of, Eastern psychology. The psychological models of India and other Eastern traditions are very well-developed and profoundly scientific, yet these are not widely understood or appreciated in the West. Further, Western psychology emphasizes experimental methods to observe the world around us, while Eastern psychology emphasizes knowing through direct experience. Leadership is ultimately about influencing others, but to do this effectively one must begin with knowledge of how to influence one's self -- in essence "self-leadership." Dr. Nuernberger masterfully draws upon Eastern traditions -- including his many years of direct contact with authentic masters of Eastern traditions -- to show how managers and others can tap their hidden potential, harness their minds vast storehouse of inner resources, so as to become more focused, more confident, more intuitive --in short more self-actualized leaders.


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