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Michael W. Ecker - Associate Professor of Mathematics, Penn State Wilkes-Barre

Book Title: Ingenuity in Mathematics

Author: Ross Honsberger

Book Description:

Mathematical recreations constitute the supreme art and joy of the mathematical professions. Not taught in college courses, recreational math offers a lot of stylish problem-solving that can be learned, enjoyed, and shared through other sources, such as books, magazines, and perhaps even the Internet.

My own publication/ newsletter (Recreational & Educational Computing) and my past "Recreational Computing" columns, and to a lesser extent, my problems and solutions in journals, have unconsciously or consciously sought to emulate and pass on some of that same joy. Although my promotion may have been partly based on more serious research, I know in my heart that my greatest professional pleasure is that of a general love for math, especially mathematics recreation. I commend to students and colleagues alike that they give it greater attention. In that regard, books such as Professor Honsberger's are a wonderful source of both learning and enjoyment.


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