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Janice L. Dreachslin - Professor of Health Policy and Administration, Penn State Great Valley School of Graduate Professional Studies

Book Title: Black and White Racial Identity: Theory, Research, and Practice

Author: Janet E. Helms

Book Description:

Dr. Helms' book proved to be an invaluable resource as I wrote my own book, Diversity Leadership, published in June 1996 by the American College of Healthcare Executive's Health Administration Press. Her work, and that of the other contributors to this edited volume, provide a rich theoretical framework which captures the complexity of racial and ethnic identity development. An entire chapter of my book focused on how stage of racial identity development influences human interaction and decision making in health services organizations from the patient floor to the executive suite.

Dr. Helms' own model of white racial identity development is of particular significance to my research. Her model helps to explain the special challenges that America's growing racial and ethnic diversity present for today's predominantly white researchers and leaders in health services organizations and provides a framework not only for research, but also for action in the form of personal and organizational transformation. I remain indebted to Dr. Helm's for this book as well as for her subsequent thought-provoking work in the area of racial identity development.


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