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Miguel Mostafa - Professor of Physics, Penn State University Park

Book Title: Fermi Remembered

Author: James W. Cronin

Book Description:

Fermi Remembered is a tribute to Enrico Fermi, a Nobel laureate and one of the greatest scientific minds of the twentieth century. The book was edited by one of Fermi’s disciples, James W. Cronin, a professor emeritus of the University of Chicago and a Nobel laureate himself.

I was so lucky to work with Jim Cronin for twenty years until 2016 when he passed away at age 84. It would be nearly impossible for me to count all the ways in which Jim has helped me in my career. He was always incredibly generous with his time and energy, and I will always admire his humility, diligence, and unwavering resolve.

Jim will be remembered as one of the “gods of experimental physics,” and as an exceptional mentor with a wealth of knowledge that he generously shared with the scientific community. He was an inspiring teacher, boss, leader, and friend. Our conversations, discussions, and arguments were always stimulating. He was engaging, and he had a wonderful way of helping his young colleagues grow up. Not only was he a fantastic mentor to me, but he also taught me how to mentor others. He will always be a great inspiration for me.

I can honestly say that I would not be even close to where I am today without Jim’s encouragement, advice, and support. I know that we all look forward to walking in his footsteps.


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