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Dinghao Wu - Associate Professor of Information Sciences and Technology, Penn State University Park

Book Title: The Science of Programming

Author: David Gries

Book Description:

While Knuth writes about The Art of Computer Programming, Gries teaches about The Science of Programming based on Dijkstra’s notion of Weakest Precondition and Hoare of axiomatic system. To effectively “get the message across,” Gries has met the challenge to be “a scientist that combines his scientific involvement in the subject with the precious gifts of a devoted teacher,” writes Dijkstra in the foreword of the book. I have benefited from the book for many years ever since I took a graduate school course with it as the textbook. The tricks I learned from the book have sharpened my problem-solving skills. The formal techniques I learned from the book have deepened my understanding of the logic and semantics of computer programs, and influenced my research in many aspects, explicitly and implicitly. I believe this classic book will continue to have an impact on my research and the whole research field.


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