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Mark Threeton - Associate Professor of Learning and Performance Systems, Penn State University Park

Book Title: Other Ways to Win

Author: Kenneth C. Gray and Edwin L. Herr

Book Description:

Other Ways to Win is a timeless book which highlights the need for students to regain control of their futures. Success can certainly be achieved in many different ways. The premise of this book resonates with me both personally and professionally. A special thank you to Dr. Ken Gray and Dr. Ed Herr for promoting this important message.

As I reflect on my journey of earning tenure and being promoted to associate professor, I’m grateful to my family, friends and loved ones for being there for me. This was a collective effort. A special thank you to my wife Annette for her love, encouragement and support throughout this process. I am the luckiest guy to have such a special lady by my side. I would also like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Richard Walter for serving as a mentor and for the valuable lessons he has taught me over the years.


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