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Dana Mitra - Professor of Education Policy, Penn State University Park

Book Title: Horace's Compromise

Author: Theodore Sizer

Book Description:

Ted Sizer is the reason that I am a professor of education policy and the founder of the Coalition of Essential Schools. This book, Horace's Compromise, catalyzed educational reform in the 1990s. He was my professor during my undergraduate years at Brown University and the model of what a mentor should be. He welcomed me into meetings of the greatest educational minds in the world. He encouraged me to volunteer to help with conferences and meetings so that I could learn. He was always willing to have a conversation, and I would make appointments just to walk and talk with him as he strolled across campus to his next meeting. He was brilliant and gracious, grounded and determined.

As I look to my own journey to being full professor, I am grateful for being raised by my parents, Ranadhir and Joy Mitra, with the belief that making a difference means voicing one's beliefs and valuing intellectual work. Through this journey at Penn State, my husband Todd Litzinger has been a rock of support, love, and laughter. My children, Kaden and Carson, are my hope for the future and leaders in the making. My work and friendship with Stephanie Serrierep allowed me to leap over this last promotion hurdle with joy and a love for our collective work on civic engagement and student voice. 


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