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Zack Furness - Associate Professor of Communications, Penn State Greater Allegheny

Book Title: On Beyond Living: Rhetorical Transformations of the Life Sciences

Author: Richard Doyle

Book Description:

The ideas presented in this text provided the framework and substance for the first course I had the privilege of taking from Rich Doyle when I was an undergrad at Penn State. At the time, I was a young student with more interest in punk records than books, and both Rich’s pedagogy and his selection of readings challenged and excited me in ways that few things had before. That class helped to open my mind and it undoubtedly sparked the origins of my intellectual life.

If William Burroughs is right, and the word is truly a virus, then it’s safe to say that Rich Doyle is not only an excellent host, but also a creative replicator of the most inspiring, mutant strains. Were it not for his courses, his mentorship, and his infectious enthusiasm for ideas, I would have never started down the path I walk today.


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