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Book Title: Chandigarh to Chapel Hill: One Woman's Triumph Across Cultures

Author: Vaneep Sandhu

Book Description:

Vaneep has a beautiful way of weaving together a whole array of complex human emotions into a beautiful canvas on which she paints a gripping image of a young woman's journey through — and the ultimate conquest of — the world around her. This is the story of a young girl who moves out of her parent's loving and benevolent world and into one where her dreams and hopes fade away into a distant horizon. While it is a sad story of painful betrayals, it is also a story of the eventual triumph of the purity of soul. This indeed is a heart aching tale of searching for love in the wrong places and losing everything in the process, including having one's own identity completely shattered; it is also a story of rebuilding a new life through sheer determination and strength of character. Reading this story of a loving little daughter, a passionate lover, a dreamer, and an optimistic young aspiring woman, you wonder how life can be so harsh to someone. You look at life from a very different perspective. A perspective that makes you appreciate the very essence of human existence in its spiritual domain. You reassess your attitudes and deeds and feel like being more kind and giving.

It is one of the finest debut works. Vaneep has crafted the story so eloquently that readers will find themselves interlacing their real lives with lives of her story's characters even after they have finished reading the book. A marvelous piece of literature with a great message: "You are the maker of your own destiny."


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