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Reginald Felix Hamilton - Associate Professor of Engineering Science and Mechanics, Penn State University Park

Book Title: Shape Memory Materials

Author: K. Otsuka and C. M. Wayman

Book Description:

During my time in graduate school, this book provided the foundation for my interest in multifunctional materials. The fundamental insights were the cornerstones for scientific understandings. The logical organization and writing style, however, enabled me to comprehend the art of scientific writing. Each time I peruse the book, the seemingly simplistic insights spark forward-thinking research ideas. I own two copies. Upon my Ph.D. graduation, my Ph.D. advisor gave me a new copy as gift, and that copy is in my home library. I purchased my other copy while I was in graduate school and it is a mainstay for my meetings with graduate research assistants. Each time I review concepts with a graduate student, I am humbled to learn from, and be inspired by, this book.


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