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Aleksandra B. Slavkovic - Professor of Statistics and Public Health Sciences, Penn State University Park

Book Title: Sabrana dela - Jovan Ducic: Blago cara Radovana; Jutra sa Leutara; Gradovi i himere; Verujem u boga i u srpstvo; Staza pored puta; Grof Sava Vladislavic; Pesme

Author: Jovan Ducic

Book Description:

I cannot say that this book has motivated my statistical research. But it has reminded over the years that as academics we are not only scholars, but teachers, mentors and leaders. We use our past and present experiences to inspire new generations to search for and fulfill their potential, and foremost become good human beings. Jovan Dučić, a renowned Serbian poet, writer, philosopher and a diplomat during the first half of the twentieth century, through his writings (and especially in “Blago Cara Radovana i Jutra sa Leutara” -- King Radovan’s Treasure and Leutar Mornings) has reminded me that we all search for something but will have different paths to finding the treasures we seek. And even when we do not agree with all that is written or said, it is important to carefully consider and offer respect for effort put forth. To many of you the writing in Cyrillic and the Serbian language will be foreign, so here is one translation that likely applies to us all:

“What our minds build, our foolishness tears down; our goodness is overshadowed by our vices, and the fruits of our wisdom by the outbursts of our temperament. For, beyond and above all, our powers are ruled by our weakness.”

“Što uspemo našom pameću, pokvarimo našom ćudi, a što uspemo našom dobrotom, upropastimo našim porocima, i, najzad, što postignemo svojom mudrošću, izgubimo našim temperamentom. Jer ima nešto jače i presudnije od svih naših sila, a to su naše slabosti.”


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