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Susan Mohammed - Professor of Psychology, Penn State University Park

Book Title: Theories of Team Cognition

Author: Eduardo Salas, Stephen M. Fiore, and Michael P. Letsky

Book Description:

Teams have become a ubiquitous presence in organizations. Often composed of members possessing distinctive areas of expertise across various specializations, the potential is high for teams to develop innovative solutions to complex problems that could not be accomplished by individuals alone. Unfortunately, however, this potential is never realized in many collectives. As emphasized in this book, individual expertise must be recognized, shared, and properly leveraged by the team to be effective. I have spent much of my career examining the process by which teams develop cognitive structures that enable members to interpret cues in a similar manner, anticipate and respond to the needs of their teammates, and effectively coordinate actions. As I have experienced in my own group interactions, when members are “on the same page” regarding who is going to do what, how, and when, positive outcomes are more likely.


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