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Zoubeida Ounaies - Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Penn State University Park

Book Title: Present Tense of the World: Poems 2000–2009

Author: Amina Said

Book Description:

This book is a collection of poems written by the Tunisian poet Amina Said, and translated into English. I chose this book because it speaks to my Tunisian heritage and it also honors the voices of women around the world whose wisdom, contributions, and strength are not always recognized. As a Tunisian expatriate, I identify strongly with Amina Said. I appreciate the thoughtful ways in which she discusses issues that result from living in a foreign land, negotiates multiple languages, and navigates between cultures. My book choice also reflects how I have been inspired especially by the constructive and strong role Tunisian women have played in making certain our recent revolution leads to positive results, and that the Personal Status Code continues to address equal rights and social justice for all.

I dedicate the selection of this book to my country, Tunisia, and to the many strong women who have shaped my destiny and inspired me to pursue my scholarship: my mother, sisters, aunts, mother-in-law and my favorite Tunisian-American, Ranya G.O.C.


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