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Book Title: The Return of Philip Latinowicz

Author: Miroslav Krleza

Book Description:

Written by a remarkable Croatian author and intellectual that shaped the regional literature in the 20th century, this book left a vivid, lasting impression. Years ago I attempted to rationalize the protagonist's disposition following his return to a provincial birthplace after life-changing cosmopolitan experiences. Now, years later, after my own departure and life far from birthplace and cultural circle that defined my childhood, I connect to this masterpiece on a very personal basis. Indeed, the issues surrounding the environment, people, and the broader context of a Croatian-born scholarly emigrant's existence today in many ways appear as if they had been translated back in time by a century. Yet, with the world integrating at such a dramatic pace, I wonder if this is just a one-time coincidence and whether the masterpieces like these will be comprehended in their rich context by future generations?


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