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Matthew S. Fantle - Associate Professor of Geosciences, Penn State University Park

Book Title: Early Diagenesis: A Theroretical Approach

Author: Robert A. Berner

Book Description:

Early Diagenesis by Bob Berner truly represents a landmark in the geosciences, but it is significant for a multitude of reasons. It is the book that I find myself reaching for most often, but it is also the book from which I am perpetually learning. The themes enunciated in the text regarding diagenesis are those that not only resonate strongly with me, but are also those that determine the success with which geoscientists can interpret the past ... one of many reasons why geoscientists should be considered societally relevant. The book provides a framework for actually utilizing theory, which is both quantitatively and simply presented. Perhaps most significantly, the book naturally leads one to consider geological problems at the global scale. The book is not simply a parochial look at a process: it is a clear statement of the importance of quantifying, of linking field observations and theory, and even of creating new tools and new ways of looking at old problems. Such themes, which have motivated me greatly, are amongst the reasons why I treasure this book as I do.


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