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Book Title: Recovering Landscape: Essays in Contemporary Landscape Architecture

Author: James Corner

Book Description:

Recovering Landscape is a collection of essays on contemporary landscape architecture theory and practice edited by Jim Corner, one of the leading theorists in the field today. The authors represented in this volume reflect a wide range of thought from many parts of the world.  Corner’s premise is that landscape is being recovered from years of relative neglect and indifference or reappearing in the cultural sphere. The emphasis is on landscape architecture as a critical cultural practice and the essays explore the very nature of landscape itself, rethinking what landscape actually is, or might become, as both idea and artifact. This volume is especially important for students of landscape architecture to reinforce the notion that good design begins with good ideas framed in the context of sound theory. Recovering Landscape is one of the most influential works of design theory for students, scholars, critics, and practitioners in the past twenty years and has created the foundation on which a younger generation of theorists, historians, and designers will continue to situate landscape architecture as a critical discipline for the future of the built environment. 


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