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Michael McGinnis - Professor of Business, Penn State New Kensington

Book Title: Daring Young Men

Author: Richard Reeves

Book Description:

I am interested in United State History. One episode of the Cold War was the Berlin blockade that lasted from June 1948 until May 1949.  During that time the British, French, and United States zones of Berlin were totally supported by an airlift that kept West Berlin from coming under Soviet domination.  This unprecedented feat is well described in Reeves' Daring Young Men.  Any student of the Cold War would benefit from this period when an airlift overcame doubt, a severe German winter, and unrelenting demands on aircraft, personnel, and the people of West Berlin.  The success of the Berlin Airlift enabled Britain, France, and the United States to maintain a western presence in Berlin until the reunification of Germany.


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