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Laura Klein - Professor of Biobehavioral Health, Penn State University Park

Book Title: Stress Without Distress

Author: Hans Selye

Book Description:

Dr. Selye famously said, "stress is the spice of life."  I have spent my career examining the biobehavioral effects of stress and Hans Selye's work is threaded throughout my research, scientific thinking, teaching and service as a Penn State faculty member.  The road to professorship certainly has been spicy, filled with the peaks and troughs of successes and failures, both professional and personal.  To live without stress would lead to our demise yet a life rife with stress also can be unbearable. To seek the balance between stress and distress is an ever-present challenge for all of us and one I continue to pursue in all aspects of my life.  Dedicated to my family, especially Bob, Gian, Anna and Davis, who bring out the best in me and in life.


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