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Robert Rioux - Friedrich G. Helfferich Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering, Penn State University Park

Book Title: Kinetics of Catalytic Reactions

Author: M. A. Vannice

Book Description:

The author of this book, Professor M. A. Vannice, taught the value of rigorous experimental evaluation of the kinetics of heterogeneous catalysts during my time as a graduate student at the Pennsylvania State University.  This book is forever present on the shelf above my computer, always at disposal to guide me through anything I may have forgotten during his course -- which is now my course (!) -- on the same subject. The succinct yet topically complete book deserves to be on the shelf of any chemist or engineering interested in the kinetics of catalytic reactions.  With this recognition, Kinetics of Catalytic Reactions now has a home in the Penn State's University Libraries forever.


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