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Ricky Bates - Professor of Horticulture, Penn State University Park

Book Title: Agricultural Options for the Poor: A Handbook for Those Who Serve Them

Author: Dr. Timothy Motis and Dawn Berkelear

Book Description:

ECHO has quietly been about the business of serving the world's poor for over three decades. Networking solutions to hunger and improving livelihoods of the poorest of the poor is what ECHO is all about. Agricultural Options for the Poor is a book filled with practical options for those working to assist smallholder farmers and urban gardeners in the tropics and subtropics, many of whom struggle to produce enough food to feed their families. How can we help the farmer who must survive on a small piece of degraded land without water or a means to purchase fertilizer? Information is abundant, but how does one sort through it all to find out what interventions will really make a difference? This useful handbook does just that-compiling the very best agriculture development ideas from over 100 issues of their quarterly technical bulletin, ECHO Development Notes. Not only that, Agricultural Options provides us with a refreshing perspective on solving some of the world’s seemingly intractable problems.


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