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Book Title: The Community in Rural America

Author: Kenneth P. Wilkinson

Book Description:

We dream of strong, vibrant communities. Places that provide comfort, support, and attachment. Places we hold dear and are the locations where we learn all of life’s great lessons. Our communities have had immeasurable impacts on us. However in our increasingly small global society, the role of the local community has been questioned. Many people have claimed that it is largely irrelevant in our modern interconnected world. Others claim that it is long dead and a relic of times past. Times certainly have changed, but community does still exist. It remains the basis for all of our social, economic, political, and personal development. Community is however a process that requires us to be actively involved in its creation and existence. In this book Ken Wilkinson lays out the process by which community emerges. For me this book was magical and continues to be the basis for all of my work worldwide in rural and urban communities. It is an essential resource for anyone interested in empowering our localities, ensuring social justice, and building capacity for stable, civil, and just societies.


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