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Lori Hepner - Associate Professor of Integrative Arts, Penn State Greater Allegheny

Book Title: elles@centrepompidou

Author: Centre Pompidou

Book Description:

 One of the most enlightening exhibitions that I've ever encountered was this installation of the collection at the Pompidou Center in Paris where only the women in the collection were on view to tell the story of contemporary art for the last 100 years. The exhibition was profound in the number of Feminist pieces that I never thought that I'd get to see in person, yet alone in a single museum exhibition.  It was during this visit that I could see a different trajectory than the usual male, abstract expressionist- and minimalist- heavy timeline. It was the history of art taught by feminist photography professors who were illicitly making video art outside of the paradigm of male dominated photography. I saw where my work fit and the influences that had been unconsciously important to my studio practice over the last decade. I hope that others can take away a few of these important pieces as inspiration to influence the future of their own work.


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