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Lisa Kopp - Associate Professor Human Development and Family Studies, Penn State University Park

Book Title: Individual Development and Evolution

Author: Gilbert Gottlieb

Book Description:

My serendipious discovery of Gottlieb's work opened my mind to a theoretical world view like none I had been exposed to in school.  Gottlieb's work transcends the buzzword status of the term 'interdisciplinary' to truly embody the synergy created when one can overcome the barriers of disciplines, departments, and idiosyncratic terminology and recognize the unified nature of things.  When I teach from Gottlieb's work to graduate students I often find myself instructing them on when their jaws should be dropping to the floor, and then I realize that they have the good fortune to be educated in an era when these ideas are not as heretical as they once were.  Still, Gottlieb's work remains underappreciated by most, in part because we still struggle to achieve the level of interdisciplinarity that he so naturally mastered.  As such, his work still represents, to my mind, the cutting edge of psychobiological theory and the future of this field, even as his work becomes increasingly the domain of the past.  In the spirit of printed volumes of work and the libraries that preserve them for posterity, I hope that this book is available to future generations who still stand to learn so much from this man both theoretically and as a model for what science should be.


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