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Judith E. Hupcey - Professor of Nursing & Medicine; Associate Dean for Graduate Education, School of Nursing, Penn State University Park

Book Title: The nature of suffering and the goals of nursing

Author: Betty Ferrell & Nessa Coyle

Book Description:

 This book is meaningful for me for a couple of reasons. First, although the focus of my ongoing research is with patients and family caregivers at end of life, I realize the toll that is placed on nurses as they care for these dyads through this end-of-life experience. Nurses, who care for theses patients and families, are rarely acknowledged or helped through their suffering as they witness the suffering of others. Ferrell and Coyle understand this suffering and “give voice to the suffering that nurses witness in patients, families, colleagues, and themselves.” Secondly, I was a graduate student at Columbia University, with Nessa Coyle and have watch her incredible career as an advanced practice nurse who was a leader in palliative care for patients and families at end of life. I feel privileged to have known such a great nurse leader.


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