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David A. Puts - Associate Professor of Anthropology, Penn State University Park

Book Title: Sexual Selection

Author: Malte Andersson

Book Description:

Sexual selection, the retention in populations of traits that augment mating opportunities, has produced what Charles Darwin referred to as the “gorgeous plumage” and “strange antics” of the male rock-thrush and bird of paradise, the stag’s antlers, the cock’s spurs, the cicada’s hum, and the firefly’s glow. It is also responsible for some human characteristics, including beards and deep voices in men, and fat deposition on the breasts and hips in women. In short, sexual selection is fundamental to understanding the evolution of most, if not all, sexually reproducing species. Andersson’s is the richest and most comprehensive work on the topic, and I dedicate this copy to all those who wish to understand the myriad and pervasive influences of sexual selection.


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