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Nicolás Fernández-Medina - Associate Professor of Spanish, Penn State University Park

Book Title: Philosophy and Its Shadow

Author: Eugenio Trías

Book Description:

“Metaphysics is a ghost,” Eugenio Trías declares.  In Philosophy and Its Shadow, one of the most insightful and intriguing philosophical treatises produced in Spain in the twentieth century, Trías turns an eye to the past and in the tradition of the great philosophers challenges the modern reader to meditate on the relationship between philosophy and ordinary life.  Yet, more than a work of philosophical criticism, it is also a captivating thought experiment in science, epistemology, semiotics, and theory that page after page guides us to an inevitable and inspiring conclusion: the great triumphs and failures of our metaphysical searching throughout history are really the spectral figures of thought that give form to our basic self-understanding.  Philosophy and Its Shadow is one of those rare books that combines clarity with profundity and genuinely transforms its subject.



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