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Melik Demirel - Professor of Engineering Science and Mechanics, Penn State University Park

Book Title: The collected papers of Cahit Arf

Author: Cahit Arf

Book Description:

Here is a brief describtion of the author from wikipedia: Cahit Arf (11 October 1910 – 26 December 1997) was a Turkish mathematician. He is known for the Arf invariant of a quadratic form in characteristic 2 (applied in knot theory and surgery theory) in topology, the Hasse–Arf theorem in ramification theory, Arf semigroups, and Arf rings.

I was first introduced Prof. Arf 's work when I was a student at the Bogazici University, Istanbul Turkey (a premier university of Turkey where the top %0.1 students are accepted from pool of million applicants). Through my career, I came across his work in multiple fields but as a materials scientist, I found it very useful in the applications of topology for the design, synthesis and fabrication of advanced functional materials. 

Currently, our library doesn't have the book and I think that this book will be useful for students in materials science as well as mathematics. 


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