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Julio Urbina - Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering, Penn State University Park

Book Title: Theory of Remote Image Formation

Author: Richard E. Blahut

Book Description:

I have selected this book because it is unique in describing a general approach of mathematical methods that govern the behavior of sensors for remote surveillance. This book does an excellent job at merging both signal processing and electromagnetic wave theories and describing how to extract the desired information from the illumination of waveforms into a target in a very rigorous but yet intuitive manner. 
This book has a special meaning for me personally. I recall using an early version of this book (class notes), when I was a graduate student, for the Multidimensional Signal Processing course that Professor Richard Blahut (Electrical Engineering) taught me at the University of Illinois. I still use this book extensively in my research work. I am very honored to be able to choose this book as part of the Penn State's Promotion and Tenure Recognition Program.


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