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Sofya Raskhodnikova - Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, Penn State University Park

Book Title: Introduction to the Theory of Computation - 3rd edition

Author: Michael Sipser

Book Description:

You are holding a classical introductory text by Mike Sipser that has been used in theory of computation classes throughout the world for over 15 years. This book, together with Mike Sipser's inspiring lectures, attracted me to theoretical computer science. As a junior at MIT, taking Mike's class, I was always amazed at how he managed to cover so much difficult material in 80 minutes when his lecture pace seemed so relaxed, and he appeared to leisurely guide us with his crystal-clear explanations, unhurriedly moving from proof ideas to intricate details of the proofs. Later, when I became his Ph.D. student, I was a teaching assistant for Mike's theory of computation class six times, each time accompanied by this book. At Penn State, I have used this book in upper-level undergraduate and introductory graduate classes five times. Many people told me that this book changed their career path or made them think differently about computation. To me, it feels like a good friend that has been accompanying me on my professional journey all these years.


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