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Robert Paulson - Professor of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences, Penn State University Park

Book Title: Under the Frog: A Novel

Author: Tibor Fischer

Book Description:

Under the Frog is a black comedy that tells the story of two Hungarian basketball players in the 1950's. Despite the restrictions of the communist totalitarian regime, they seek to live their lives and do what they most enjoy - basketball, drinking and chasing women. This book has special meaning for me. During my early career at Penn State I was fortunate to have a supportive Chair - Channa Reddy. My research program and my career here flourished. After I was promoted to Associate Professor, Channa retired. Unfortunately, when we hired a new chair, he was someone who used promotion as a means to control people. Because I was a critic, I was repeatedly told I was not worthy of promotion to full Professor. "Not even close" I was told. Fortunately my colleagues saw what I saw and last Fall the faculty voted him out. The new interim chair immediately put my dossier up for promotion and it was approved. In my own way I feel I know what it is like to live "Under the Frog".   


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