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Glenn McGuigan - Librarian, Penn State Harrisburg

Book Title: Mission Mystique: Belief Systems in Public Agencies

Author: Charles T. Goodsell

Book Description:

In the often conflicted and sometimes pessimistic literature of public administration, Charles T. Goodsell stands as the optimistic defender of the field. His approach is characterized by a fervent belief in the people, and in the institutions of public administration, to embrace excellence as they carry out important work. As an unabashed apologist for public administration, he offers his prescription for organizational excellence within public agencies in this book. While the book could be criticized for an almost “missionary zeal” in the author’s attachment to vital public organizational missions, Goodsell’s efforts provide a valuable opportunity for readers to understand why some public agencies inspire a certain passion within their employees. Certainly Goodsell’s own personal passion is clearly reflected in this work. As part of the promotion and tenure recognition process, it is an honor to select this inspiring book for the Penn State University Libraries' collection.   


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