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Jo Ann Jankoski - Associate Professor, Human Development and Family Studies, Penn State Fayette

Book Title: Trauma Counseling Theories and Interventions

Author: Lisa Lopez Levers, PhD, PCC-S, LPC, CRC, NCC (Editor)

Book Description:

 We live in a violent world, our history is written in blood. For that reason, I chose  Trauma Counseling  Theories and Interventions. I wish I had some knowledge or training in the area of trauma when I was in graduate school. Working with traumatized individuals demands that we, as professionals, enhance our clinical skills in this area. In addition, we educators must do a better job of preparing the next generation of "helpers" to understand trauma and its impact on an individual, a community, and society as a whole. No matter the field in which one chooses to work, that individual will have contact with others who have experienced some type of traumatic event--rape, PTSD in war veterans, a natural disaster, terrorist attacks, genocide, physical/sexual abuse, or even a car accident. Working with individuals who experience a traumatic event, is NOT for all; however, in order to work with such individuals each professional needs a specific skill set. There is a cost for caring. Each of us has an ethical and personal responsibility not to be damaged by the work we choose to do.


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