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Alexia Hudson-Ward - Associate Librarian, Penn State Abington

Book Title: If You Want To Walk On Water, You've Got To Get Out Of The Boat

Author: John Ortberg

Book Description:

Although I was happy in my corporate marketing career, my heart’s desire was tugging me through a career in librarianship. I wrestled with this desire for professional change for more than ten years until this book’s cover and title challenged me to my core. Interestingly, I discovered this book during a period when I was contemplating a professional transition into academia. The author uses the biblical story of Matthew 14 and the Apostle Peter’s walk on water to encourage readers to believe in the power of a miraculous life transformation. Such transformation can only take place by accepting fear and possible failure as the price of growth. Metaphorically speaking, the “boat” that was holding me back from experiencing God’s plan for my life were the accoutrements of being a corporate executive. I worried about paying my bills and my employability if I derailed my seemingly fast-track career path. But when I released my fear of loss and shifted my thinking towards what I would gain in becoming a librarian, my life incredibly transformed. I hope that this book will encourage others as it encouraged me to believe that miraculous things can happen when we discover “water walking.”


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