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Yanming Wang - associate professor in biochemistry and molecular biology, Penn State University Park

Book Title: Epigenetics

Author: C. David Allis, Thomas Jenuwein, Danny Reinberg

Book Description:

I have found scientific research a satisfying career because it fulfills one's curiosity by offering novel answers to the world around us and new methods to treat devastating human diseases. For example, you may have wondered why your skill cells are different from your brain cells or blood cells. Epigenetics is a novel research field which seeks answers for this fundamental biology question, i.e., although each cell in a human body has the same genetic code carried on the DNA double helix, it differs in morphology and function from other cell types. The knowledge from this research area will help us understand human health, development, aging, immunity and cancers. Many leading scientists in this research field have offered their own perspectives in this book. It is fun to read and useful to guide future research.


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