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Petra Tschakert - associate professor of geography and the Earth and Environmental Systems Institute (EESI), Penn State University Park

Book Title: Arid Ways: Cultural Understandings of Insecurity in Fulbe Society, Central Mali

Author: Mirjam de Bruijn & Han van Dijk

Book Description:

Solla warataa bii jawngal, dust does not kill a little guinea fowl. This Fulfulde saying captures the ecological, social, and political insecurities among agro-pastoralists in the Sahel, the times of scarcity, and the ways people manage to endure hardship. It has shaped my thinking about resilience and marginalization, inspired and sustained me during long weeks in the "field," and offered solace every time a piece of research got exceedingly tough. It is a constant reminder of what it means to be humble during these encounters at the margin, to be present with all my senses, and to care, always.


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