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Christopher Reed - professor of English and visual culture, Penn State University Park

Book Title: Some Poems of Mallarmé

Author: Author: Stéphane Mallarmé, Translator: Roger Fry

Book Description:

Chosen in consultation with Sandra Stelts in Rare Books, this is a specific Hogarth Press edition  with a dust-jacket designed by Vanessa Bell. The Hogarth Press, Fry, and Bell have all been central figures in my scholarship, including the exhibition Rooms of Their Own, which I co-organized and which was shown at the Palmer Museum in 2010. Fry was the subject of my first book. Fry and Bell featured prominently in my third book, Bloomsbury Rooms. So a Hogarth Press collaboration of these artists is meaningful to me. 

Additionally, this book relates to my interests in that it is a translation from the French. My sixth book was also a translation from French. And my father was a scholar of French literature, so there is a personal connection there. 

Finally, this book joins a developing collection of Hogarth Press books held in Rare Books, which I have helped to develop.


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