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Kathryn Brasier - associate professor of rural sociology, Penn State University Park

Book Title: Something for Joey

Author: Richard E. Peck

Book Description:

I was not much older than Joey when my sister gave me this book, during a time when our family was facing our own changes. I read the book over and over, until the pages fell out, and drew strength that helped me deal with the challenges ahead.

This book paints a portrait of a family struggling but surviving—even thriving at moments—because they put each other first. The book does not shy away from the sadness, the scary moments, the anger that came with Joey's illness; it also does not shy away from the joy and the celebrations that come with Joey's and John's achievements. The book spoke to me as an adolescent at multiple levels; it continues to do so as an adult with my own family and career. I take from this book lessons about courage in the face of incredible fear and sadness; about survival and resilience; about balance and setting priorities; about success being more than an individual achievement; and about how family bonds withstand pressures and tests over time.

And, it was my first introduction to Penn State....


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