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Lisa B. German - librarian and assistant dean for technical and collections services, Penn State University Park

Book Title: Seneca IV Epistles 1-65, Seneca VI Epistles 93-124, Seneca: Moral Essays, Volume III. De Beneficiis

Author: Two are translated by Richard Gummere

Book Description:

I have chosen these books on Seneca as a tribute to my brother, Doug Broehl, who was an inspiration to me and so many others throughout his life. Doug was born with cystic fibrosis in 1965 and the doctors thought it was unlikely that he would live past seven years of age. Thirty-eight years later, he had his lungs transplanted and, for the first time, was able breathe without labor. The week before I received word that I was being promoted, Doug died from complications due to colon cancer.

Doug was a book lover, a devourer of knowledge, and a great thinker. My brother was the strongest person I've ever known and has inspired me to live each day with hope and purpose, with justice and fairness, and with compassion and empathy.


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