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Russell L. Warley - associate professor of mechanical engineering, Penn State Erie, The Behrend College

Book Title: Transport Phenomena

Author: R. Byron Bird

Book Description:

I took the course associated with this textbook in the fall of 1982 as an undergraduate chemical engineering student at the University of Akron. The reputation of this course and the high expectations of the instructor who taught the course terrified most students. At the end of thermodynamics from the previous semester the professor advised us to get this book early and study the appendix concerning tensors over the summer. I took his advice and over the summer made the transition from an average passive post high school student to an involved self-directed engineering student. I went on to excel in this course and it changed my whole outlook toward my education. It was due to this course that I understood that I wanted to go on to graduate school.

I have very fond memories of this course and textbook as it represents the first time that I recognized that I could surmount significant academic challenges and could experience the immense satisfaction of doing so.


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