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Denise Potosky - professor of management and organization, Penn State Great Valley School of Graduate Professional Studies

Book Title: Elizabeth

Author: David Starkey

Book Description:

I think we all revisit our past experiences and education as we move through our careers, encounter new challenges and opportunities, and develop as individuals. Most everyone can recall a fond memory or happy occasion from childhood, and probably everyone experiences a time of hardship or loss at some point in life. As David Starkey notes in the introduction of his book, Elizabeth returned to early experiences at every crisis in her forty-five year reign as Queen of England.

This book on Elizabeth’s early years (from birth in 1533 to her ascension to the English throne in 1558) doesn’t replace my own history and apprenticeship in "life’s lessons," but I am inspired by how she used her experiences to develop wisdom, strength, tolerance, and tenacity. Whenever I think I’m working too hard or not hard enough, I think about Elizabeth’s story. When I think about some good fortune or unfortunate hurdle that I have encountered, I also think about Elizabeth’s story. It is not simply what happened to her or what happened to me or what happens to anyone that shapes a person, but how she, I, and you react to these happenings that define our character and our potential for greatness.


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